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Why Floor Cleaning Services?

Floor  Cleaning Services: Maintaining clean floors in your office not only for your working Team’s healthy, but also help in warmly welcoming your Business Visitors. Clean floors make a great first impression to all who enter your doors. .The way visitors view your company has a direct impact on your business.

Enhance working Safety: Floor cleaning services prevent accidents in your Working space.No matter how aggressive the texture of your floor is, if it is not cleaned properly, it can cause slippery which may lead accidents. The uses of special cleaning products and procedures on your floor will reduce the risk of a slip, hence enhance Safety at your Office.

Expand Floor Lifespan: The lifespan of your office floor depends upon how well you clean it. Working areas like Kitchens and workshops which surrounded by stuff like oil, dirt, grease and water can damage your Floor easily. Regular Floor cleaning will ensure all of these substances are completely removed for the long life of your Floor.

What Type of Floor we’re Best On:-

Wooden floor cleaners

Wooden  Floor

Each type  of wood flooring may require completely different cleaning procedures.All depending on the type of finishing has eg  they are waxed, oiled or have a polyurethane coating. 

Our Wooden floor cleaning procedures

  1. Clear the floor of any furniture that is easy to move.
  2. Sweep or vacuum all loose dirt and debris.
  3. Mop the floor, going along with the grain. 
  4. Buff the floor with a soft cloth to remove any soapy residue. 

Floor Cleaning Services

Tile and stone

For Tile and stone flooring is common in kitchens, stairs, and bathrooms our procedures are as follows :

  1. Dirt or dust -should first be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  2. Spray Cleaning product: Each floor has a specific solution to be used. For Example, An acidic tile cleaning solution can be used on ceramic and porcelain floors
  3. After spraying the tile or stone floors in a small area, use a mop to clean and scrub floors. Then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Leeds commercial Cleaners

Vinyl composite tile

Vinyl composite tile or VCT is a common commercial floor type. Cleaning this type of floor is done with either a mop and bucket or with a floor scrubber. VCT requires a polymer coating or floor finish to protect it.

This needs to be kept clean with dust mopping and wet cleaning (i.e. wet mopping or floor scrubber).

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