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Do You know how Easily you Get Sick?.

Office Cleaning: The office or workplace is the place where we spend most of our lifetime. It is estimated that we spend over 10 hours daily there!


Bad news! These premises are home of infectious agents like Virus, Fungi and Mold. Actions of these Microbes cause unending diseases like Flu, cold and even stomach illness every time.


The worst part of the story is, these germs spread faster within our office community than you can imagine. We share Door Knobs, Tabletops, Computer  Keyboards, Light switches, coffee pot handles of which all of these are infectious homes.

Research from the University of Arizona in Tucson shows that it takes two to four hours for the virus to affect 60% of Workers and visitors who are around a viral exposed area.


Being exposed to these germs doesn’t mean we should have office quarantined?.No  that is not the issue, regular office cleaning with the use of cleaning disinfectants kills or decreases microbes activities to a large extent.

By hiring a professional office cleaning services company, who knows how to deal with germs will help you to see the difference in a shorter time.

WE  Sparkling n shining commercial cleaning services company has vast experience in the cleaning for a bunch years now.


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To ensure   your Office is  free from dangerous pathogens  we’ll regularly do the following :

  • Vacuum any matting and high traffic carpeting. Wall to wall carpet vacuuming weekly.
  • Remove all garbage and replace garbage liners regularly.
  • Tables damp wiped with a disinfectant cleaner.
  • Wipe down walls, removing finger marks on doors, walls, etc.
  • Chairs cleaned & placed around the table to give a tidy and organized impression.
  • Dust all furniture surfaces using dust cloth on wood and clean, sanitized damp cloth for metal and plastic surfaces.
  • We clean elevators and staircases

We've helped many Business to Make their working space Clean since 2016!

We’ve Professionals Cleaners

We have a Team of  Full Insured Cleaners who are well trained in customer care and client's complaints handling  issues, Therefore you'll always  be on professional office Cleaners’ hands.

Excellent customer service....

Our Office Cleaning services  start by understanding your requirements.  Your requirements are the base of the plan. All cleaning  tasks will be taken care off with your minimum supervision.

We’ve arms of all cleaning Equipments.

We've equipped with all cleaning tools that will kill all Germs while completely remove rust and dusty..Not only that our cleaners will ensure all cleaning agents used at proportionally as to minimise hazards to you.

We know time is money.

Time is limited, our office cleaning service team  knows where to start and end, we guarantee to finish the tasks at the shortest time possible with  less intervention at  your office space.